What we’re reading this week

RTO Insider:  PJM Concerned About Lead Time on Transmission Needed for Wind
The grid operator for our region released a report that has some specific risks they think will come as a result of states’ compliance with the Clean Power Plan.

Wall Street Journal:  Energy Slowdown Hits One Town Hard
Located in Greene County, just an hour south of Pittsburgh’s downtown, the boom and bust cycles of natural gas extraction are making it hard on Waynesburg businesses and entrepreneurs.

Mashable:  The UK is testing out roads that charge electric cars as they go
An interesting pilot of new technology that would have to do battle with improved battery life to be valuable.

Washington Post:  Opinion – We need a miracle on climate change 
A reminder of the challenges  inherent to making any long-term policy decisions.

San Jose Mercury News:  Three years after Prop. 39, California lawmakers want to know where are the ‘clean’ jobs
Only 1,700 jobs were created in three years by the tax that was supposed to generate 11,000 every year.  Critics also voice their concern that most of the money appears to have gone to consultants and energy auditors.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania regulators say more oil and gas rules are on the horizon.
While the current regulatory proposal is still being reviewed, DEP hints at a new package of rules for the oil and gas sector.

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