What we’re reading this week

Crains: Exelon’s case for how poorly it’s nukes are doing

Exelon provides some financial numbers outlining why the economics aren’t looking good for the long-term viability of several of their nuclear plants. One of the reasons? Transmission line congestion costs.

StateImpact Pennsylvania: Penn State wins grant to develop to develop solar technology

Researchers at Penn State University have been awarded a $2.9 million grant to advance solar technology. The project is part of a $24 million project to improve the efficiency of concentrated photovoltaic cells and overcome market barriers to solar deployment.

Forbes: Can nuclear generation back-up wind generation economically?

A new study examines whether new designs in small modular nuclear reactors are nimble enough to compensate for varying wind generation output

Ben Franklin Center releases study of drilling wastewater treatment and disposal

The Ben Franklin Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center released an update of its 2012 report on shale gas drilling wastewater treatment and disposal, finding the industry is recycling 91 percent of its wastewater, 1.1 percent is  discharged to surface water and 7.9 percent is being disposed by underground injection wells. The report credits members of the Water Resources Advisory Committee and DEP staff who crafted new regulations in 2009 to promote reuse.





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