What we’re reading this week

AEO 2015 Natural Gas Imports & Exports Jan 2016Forbes – Natural Gas Price Increase Inevitable In 2016
Conventional gas supply has fallen 16.75 bcfd since July 2008. Until July 2016, increases in shale gas production more than offset those losses. Conventional gas will continue to decline at about 5% per year because few companies are drilling those plays. Shale gas must, therefore, continue to grow by at least 15 bcfd per year just to offset these declines. So what is behind final projections?

Cleveland Plain Dealer – Renewing our commitment to renewable energy: Impact 2016
The Cleveland Plain Dealer launches a series called “Impact 2016: A path for green energy in Ohio.” The series will examine why Ohio lags behind other states in promoting renewable energy and what the state’s options are to catch up, or get ahead.

RTO Insider – Scalia Death Scrambles Clean Power Plan Odds
Four days before his death Saturday, Scalia was in the majority in the court’s 5-4 vote to stay the EPA rule pending legal challenges. Without a ninth member, what are people projecting will happen this summer?

Greentech Media – US Solar Market Sets New Record, Installing 7.3GW of Solar PV in 2015
For the first time ever, solar beat out natural-gas capacity additions, and it’s not all out in the West.

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