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The Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh, a program of the Allegheny Conference and Innovation Works, is a collaboration of more than 100 businesses, universities, and other organizations with the purpose of facilitating the innovation, education, and coordination needed to enhance our energy economy and advance our region’s global leadership in improving our environment.

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The mission of the Energy Alliance of Greater Pittsburgh is to increase the development of our energy-related assets and a globally competitive workforce while advancing our global leadership in improving the environment.

Our Objectives

To achieve this mission, the Energy Alliance has five primary objectives.

  1. Advance a portfolio approach for addressing 21st century energy needs
  2. Continue to expand the local ecosystem for the formation, funding and growth of early-stage energy technology businesses.
  3. Improve the energy technology licensing and commercialization of research at federal laboratories and regional universities.
  4. Support the development of environmentally beneficial technologies and best practices.
  5. Foster regional growth of a globally competitive energy workforce.

With its rich portfolio of energy-related assets, the Greater Pittsburgh region is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative solutions to address the energy needs of the region, the United States, and the world.

The region enjoys a competitive advantage in natural resources, supply chain presence, or innovation in the energy sectors of coal, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, electricity distribution and transmission, and intelligent building technologies.

That potential will be best realized by collaborating across business, government, and academia to drive the policy decisions, business climate, and technology and workforce innovation that is necessary to attract investment and create jobs in the energy field, and advance our global leadership in improving our environment.

Staff support for the Energy Alliance comes from an unprecedented partnership between the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and Innovation Works, bringing together complementary core functions and support networks. The Allegheny Conference provides decades of experience in public policy research, outreach, and expertise in regional marketing, backed by a board consisting of the CEOs of some of the largest corporations, universities, and foundations in the region. Innovation Works brings staff and financial resources focused on identifying and supporting tomorrow’s technology, with a rich network of contacts in the research, innovation, and venture capital areas.

About The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and Affiliates

The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its affiliates – the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, the Pennsylvania Economy League of Greater Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance – work in collaboration with public and private sector partners to improve the  economy and quality of life in the Pittsburgh region. Learn more at www.alleghenyconference.org.

About Innovation Works

Innovation Works is the Ben Franklin Technology Partner (BFTP) of Southwestern PA. As one of the nation’s most active investors in seed-stage technology companies, Innovation Works provides regional startups in all technology sectors with the risk capital and business mentoring they need to grow and succeed. As part of the BFTP network, Innovation Works was recently awarded $10 million over the next five years to grow regional energy-related startups as part of the Commonwealth’s Energy Independence Strategy. Learn more at www.innovationworks.org.

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