The Pittsburgh region is a national leader in sustainable and high performance building design, construction, and operational practices. Three of the first dozen buildings to ever receive LEED certification were located in the Greater Pittsburgh region. Today, Pittsburgh has 83+ LEED-certified and 87+ LEED-registered buildings, including the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, the double LEED certified convention center in the world, with design/construction AND operations/maintenance certifications. The CONSOL Energy Center, home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is the first Gold LEED-certified hockey arena in the U.S.   And going beyond LEED, the Center for Sustainable Landscapes at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is one of the largest operational net-zero energy/water “Living Buildings” in the U.S.  “Living Building” is the highest standard of green building certification in the world at this time. Greater Pittsburgh boasts 131 LEED certified and 173 LEED registered projects.

Our region is making long-term investments in intelligent building R&D as the interest in LEED- and beyond LEED-certified construction continues to rise. 

A high concentration of suppliers of electronic systems and components for building technology applications are vital to supply chain opportunities. 

The Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation at the University of Pittsburgh, the Green Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and Bayer MaterialScience LLC’s solar-powered, net-zero-energy, net-zero-emissions EcoCommercial Building Conference Center on Bayer’s U.S. headquarters are all leading the way toward sustainability in building design and practices.

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